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By Donating Financially, You Are Investing In The Most Vulnerable Of Northwest Arkansas

We greatly need and appreciate your resources, as it enables us to sustain our outreach. If you have any questions, please contact us at or via our Contact Us form

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Farm To Home Harvest Share Program

With a generous grant from the Walmart Foundation, Cobblestone Farms was able to donate 15,000 pounds of vegetables and 960 fresh eggs to Northwest Arkansas. Cobblestone was also able to implement an educational and economic development program providing manual labor jobs onsite in addition to mentorship for veterans. The veteran program was able to provide education and skills to enter the workforce to 4 veterans this year.
Importantly, through the hundreds of volunteers who help plant, weed, harvest, and other general work at the farm, we are creating active awareness of both Food Insecurity as well as sustainable farming and healthy eating. Cobblestone was able to host 450 volunteers including children, college students, and adults alike.

The state of  Arkansas was recognized for Cobblestone Farm’s Harvest Share model and we only seek to increase and improve our community supported agriculture program in 2016.