our story

The Cobblestone Project was founded in April 2008 by a small group of NW Arkansas families who were committed to putting their faith into action with the hope of making a meaningful difference in their community.

This action was based on the belief that every person has a unique and immeasurable value because of our shared human story.  It is this story that is defined by a movement towards the renewal and restoration of the image that all people were created for a purpose.  Every human heart deserves dignity, respect and the opportunity to fully realize this purpose.


Our Dream

The dream of the Cobblestone Project is to work towards “A Community Without Need.”

The Cobblestone Project (1) provides access to fresh food to those who struggle to meet their needs, (2) motivates those in our community to live sustainably, (3) advocates for Arkansas who suffer from food insecurity, and (4) partners with local hunger relief agencies and sustainable development programs. Cobblestone aims to feed the hungry nutritionally stable meals.


our core values

Pursues an Image of Restored Humanity

Value: We believe there is a fundamental dignity in human life that must be restored and preserved so that we all may live.

Backstory: Among all of us there exists certain commonality. We all have value. We all have worth. We all have purpose. We all have potential. However, many live in the shadow of “life” that continually tells them otherwise. As we serve, we strive to engage others in the light of who they are created to be. Our hope is that they too embrace this vision of life restored and serve others in the same way.

Selfless Advocate for the Voiceless

Value: We believe that those without voice can only be restored when it is our voice that is used to echo their cry.

Backstory: The cries of the voiceless can be heard in the places we pass by every day.  The places that the orphan calls home, in the loneliness of the widow, and the coldness of the cardboard box of the homeless.  We believe the world sees the heart of God when people come to their aid and plead on their behalf.  Not for our recognition, but for their restoration.

Builds a Community, Family First

Value: A restored community begins with the continual reinforcement of the family foundation.

Backstory: Since community cannot fully exist without the meaningful contribution of its members, each initiative expression should be active in bringing people together in a manner that encourages participation and relationships that work toward the benefit of the whole.  The core of each community begins with family, and priority must always be given to establishing and maintaining the community’s core.

Consistent demonstration of joy

Value: We believe that joy is the natural expression of a life lived in the pursuit of serving others.

Backstory: Our overall posture and demeanor through our service is one of sincere joy. Because we view our initiatives as valid investments in the lives of others, what appears to be a simple to-do list becomes an opportunity for life change. Life change sparks our joy which fuels our passion to invest more.  We work not out of obligation or need for personal recognition, but from a genuine heart to see needs met. Our desire is that those who serve with us find joy in areas where they may not have passion and find passion in areas where they already have joy.

creative expressions of Community engagement

Value: As community forms and develops, we believe creative approaches to solving issues of social justice provide context, engagement and ownership.

Backstory: We believe a need can be met by encouraging relationships between those that are serving and those being served in order to build a community of concern and support.  The best solutions will be expressed in an approach to these age old problems that is made relevant to our culture’s values and traditions.

Storytellers of Hope

Value: We believe that all people share a common story of the pursuit of life.  Hope propels us forward and so it must be shared so that others continue forward.

Backstory: The struggle to define what it means to be human is our common story.  It is our contribution to this story that defines who we are and what kind of community we are building.  As we progress in this story to pursue restored humanity; hope emerges.  Therefore, It is our responsibility to share these stories where hope is real so others may know it exists.

Empowered Individuals

Value: We believe that every person can be a tremendous catalyst in contributing to meeting the needs of a community.  It is only by supporting these efforts will people be motivated to become part of the solution.

Backstory: One person can make a difference.  Whether you have a unique skill set or just a willing heart, you can be the difference for life change. When a need is met, a life has the opportunity to change, to break the cycle of self, and see a greater world that lies ahead.  Our hope would be that the changed life is not just those that have their need met, but of those meeting the need.




discrimination policy

We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment. The Cobblestone Project will not tolerate discrimination in employment, employment-related decisions, or in business dealings on the basis of race, color, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, ethnicity, national origin, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, or any other legally protected status. We will work to provide an environment free of discrimination or our employees, volunteers, clients, community members, and suppliers.