Volunteer With Us

For all inquiries please contact Brynn Crabb at brynn@cobblestoneproject.org . Thank you!

We rely on volunteer support to help us maintain our farm and have opportunities for everyone!

Cobblestone Farms is grateful for all of our wonderful volunteers who help us with a variety of tasks from farm work to community events.  

When volunteering, please bring a hat, sunscreen, water, and food. If you have allergies, please bring all needed medications, as bees are present. 

Volunteer Needs

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April-October we need 3-5 people once a week to help mow our green space. 


All year


We harvest primarily on Fridays. A group of 8-10 volunteers might recover 2,000 pounds of fresh, highly nutritious fruits and vegetables, yielding 6,000 servings for hungry people nearby. Harvest volunteers also benefit the environment: by preventing that ton of produce from degrading in the field or in a landfill reduces future greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of keeping one car off the roads for a year. The work is simple physical labor, usually picking and lifting fruits and vegetables of weights ranging from blackberries to cabbage.


Have a green thumb? Let Cobblestone be your garden oasis!

We need up to 15 volunteers all year to help grow and maintain our row crops, hoop houses and greenhouse.  


Operation SAVE is Cobblestone Project's veteran work therapy program. We have partnered with the Veteran's Healthcare System of the Ozark's to get our veterans back in the workforce! If you would like to lean how you can help fill out the contact form below.

If you are a veteran looking to participate, please contact the Veteran's Healthcare System, Main Line: 479-443-4301
Toll Free: 1-800-691-8387 and ask about Cobblestone opportunities.

Other Opportunities

The Cobblestone Project is always seeking individuals with certain specialized skills to serve as consultants and provide services as needed for the program. Our farm has a lot of different moving parts (literally!), and we need you to help us keep them going! We are always looking for carpenters, welders, mechanics, plumbers, and AC/Heating Technicians. If you have one of the skills listed above or another specialized skill that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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Much of the work at Cobblestone requires standing, bending, leaning, and lifting. We have many different opportunities for all ages and physical capabilities. Please notify Cobblestone of any volunteers with special needs.